What to Wear to Your Bungee Workout Class

October 26, 2018

We are often asked, “What should I wear in class?” Here are some recommendations based on our instructors’ and clients’ experiences.

Shoes: We recommend wearing sneakers. The best sneakers for Bungee Workout classes have a smooth, rounded heel so that it is easy to rock forward and back. We also recommend sneakers with grippy soles. During some choreography, we are in a plank position, so you’ll want your toes to be firmly planted on the floor.

Women Apparel:
Top: You are welcome to wear long or short sleeves. Please wear a shirt that covers your midriff. You may be asked to tuck your shirt into the neoprene shorts in order to put on your harness at the beginning of class.

Shorts/Pants: We recommend wearing something tight fitting, such as leggings. You will be given neoprene shorts to wear on top of your pants, so wearing thin/tight fabrics will help minimize friction.

Jewelry: You should remove all jewelry, especially belly ring before class. Necklaces, bracelets and larger earrings can get caught by the bungee gear.

Men Apparel:
We recommend wearing fitted pants or shorts with a smooth waistband, e.g. running tights. For tops, t-shirts and tanks work well.