The Benefits of the Bungee Workout

September 1, 2018

Let me guess: you watched a video on social media about the Bungee Workout.  People were flying through the air like Peter Pan– it looks so exciting! You are eager to try the class and take pictures for the ‘gram. But you may be wondering, “Is Bungee a real workout?” The answer is YES! The Bungee Workout is indeed a workout, and it is more than a novelty experience. While our location attracts visitors from out of town, Coreo Fitness classes are designed to be incorporated into a routine fitness regime.

The Bungee Workout is unique because it combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout. Throughout the class, you will use your body to push against the bungee cord. When we run in a Bungee Workout class, it feels similar to running resistance drills often used in track and field conditioning. When doing movements in the plank position, the resistance engages your core similar to movements in pilates. Your core will be challenged for the entire class, which will lead to stronger abs and glutes. Many of our members choose to attend Bungee Workout classes weekly in addition to their bootcamps, Crossfit, cycling, pilates, running, or yoga routine.

There are several fundamental bungee skills that are featured in every Bungee Workout class such as running and flying. Many of our participants are often surprised by how sweaty they get while practicing these cardio-intensive skills.

You may be wondering, “how many calories will I burn in a Bungee Workout class?” We have yet to do a formal scientific research study to calculate the calories burn, but we know that it burns more calories than a pure-cardiovascular fitness class. In addition, each person will burn a different number of calories depending on their body composition. (Here’s a helpful article about the limitations on calorie burn claims.) Current fitness tracker technology does not produce accurate results in a Bungee Workout class for the same reason that they aren’t able to fully capture strength training calorie burn. Based on the data we have collected so far, we estimate that participants will burn at least 500 calories during a 60 minute class, and the true calorie burn will be 2-3x greater than the results indicated by fitness watches.

Every Bungee Workout class is different, and each instructor designs their own choreography. During your first class, learning the movements and flying safely are the top priority. After your first class, you will continue to learn how to work with the bungee cord to further engage your core. As you become confident in the bungee movements, you will be able to jump higher, do advanced moves (such as diving), and will become more graceful throughout the choreography.

At Coreo Fitness, we promise to make sure every participant feels included and taken care of during class. We are committed to teaching you the bungee skills so that you get a great workout and are moving safely. Click on the pricing tab to see our packages. If you decide to sign-up for our Coreo Founders monthly membership or buy 5 or more passes in the studio on the day of your first class, you will receive an extra free class!