Seattle Refined Gave Bungee Workout an A+

August 22, 2018

The first Bungee Workout Studio on the West Coast just opened in Seattle

A new workout has bounced its way into Seattle! Coreo Fitness in lower Queen Anne lets people leap their way into shape…while attached to a bungee cord.

Needless to say there’s nothing else quite like it around, in fact – it’s the first bungee workout studio on the West Coast!

Coreo Owner, Tiffany Kung, said Seattle is the perfect to bring this innovative and fun workout.

“The bungee workout is inspired by dance and the circus so it’s very fun, challenging and effective,” said Kung. “It’s been very popular for the last two years and we are very excited to be bringing it to Seattle.”

But, don’t let the photos and video fool you…it’s a TOUGH workout.

“It surprises a lot of people,” she said, “It looks easier than it is. You are actually working against the resistance – so every move you do has a purpose.”

Our Refined team tried out a class and Kung wasn’t kidding! After strapping on the gear, we were flying through the air and having a blast… but BOY were we sore the next day.

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To see how our first class went, watch the clip in this article above.

By Jenna Luthman