How to Stay Committed to Your Workout

February 19, 2019

Did you have a strong fitness routine in the beginning of the new year? Are you losing momentum? It happens to the best of us. The beginning of the year is the easiest time to set goals as you’re feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take action. Don’t let a small lapse in commitment and motivation get the best of you. With a few helpful tips you can stay committed to your workout, whether it’s on or off the bungee.

Get Your Workouts on the Books
One of the best ways to make a commitment is to schedule time. Write it down on your personal calendar or register for an event or class. If you pay for a class or event up front, it’s an even greater commitment that will be hard for most to break. Money can be a great motivator!

Workout with a Friend
Motivation is contagious! Having a workout buddy is a great way to encourage each other to keep to your fitness goals. Invite your friend to one of our bungee workout classes and get a session or two scheduled every week to keep on top of your fitness goals. You can lean on each other for support, making sure you both keep commitments.

Share Your Goals and Track Your Journey
Everyone loves a good story, and what’s better than your own story? Keep track and share your fitness goals and journey with others, it will help you hold yourself accountable. Post your workout plans the night before or the morning of the day you plan to head to the studio. You may be surprised by a few friendly comments to help encourage you. Or, perhaps you’ll intrigue your friend to join you!
After or during workouts, share a quick pic or video to help keep you feeling encouraged to keep going. Your family, friends and followers will love to see your inspiring photos and stories.

Look for Inspiration
Inspiration is plentiful in the online world and a great motivator. Local Instagrammers are great sources for providing inspiration. They’ll be aware of local fitness events and activities going on near you. When you see other people working out, it will encourage you to do the same. Find your local fitness influencers by searching popular hashtags in your area on Instagram.

Mix Up Your Workouts / Focus on Having Fun
We love to provide our clients with fun, challenging workouts. Fitness should be fun! Staying committed to a workout plan is much easier when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Make sure your workout plan has a variety of ways to get fit. We offer Bungee Workout, yoga, Pilates and dance to keep you moving and excited. Our instructors continually work to provide you with new routines and moves to learn. Whichever fitness you enjoy, be sure to mix it up a little to keep the excitement.

Let’s work to encourage and motivate each other! What are you waiting for, call your friend and schedule your next workout session with us. Your body and mind will love the physical challenge and coming together as a group to get fit. Here’s a look at our upcoming Bungee, Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes. We can’t wait to see you soon!