In addition to our weekly classes, we also host private classes, workshops and other special events.

Private Classes

Our aerial fitness and dance classes are an exciting way to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays and bachelorette parties, or just to get together with friends and family!

This is what you’ll get from your private class:

The entire studio space will be reserved just for your group
Our experienced instructor will tailor class materials to suit your needs
You will have time for videos and photos
We can arrange decorations, snacks and beverages based on your budget

Our most popular private classes are our aerial Bungee Workout and hip hop dance classes.

Adult Bungee

Bungee Workout is always a party! We will teach you fun tricks on the bungee, so that you and your guests will get to fly, bounce and spin on your very first class!

The class will end with a bungee dance combo, where you’ll put together the techniques you’ve learned during class.

We also offer Bungee Fit and Bungee Lite as private classes.

Bungee Kids

Kids will have an awesome time flying like their favorite superhero!

We’ll teach them how to fly, surf and dive on the bungee, and play interactive games with them to help them develop body control, coordination and stamina.

Hip Hop (Adults and Kids)

We will teach you a fun dance combo. Our dance instructors are very experienced and versatile, and they can teach a variety of dance styles and skill levels, from absolute beginner to advanced.

The class will be fun and upbeat, and your group will walk away with a dance routine that you can show-off to your friends and family!

Workshops and Special Events

We organize workshops and specialty classes to encourage our clients to challenge their bodies to different types of movement and deepen their training.

Here are some past workshops and events we have hosted:

Intro to Bungee Workout

Four-week series for those who are new to bungee or want to build on their techniques.

Bungee Dance Showcase

Four-week series to learn an intricate bungee routine to be performed at our anniversary party.

Hip Hop

Open-level hip hop workshop taught by guest instructors to gain exposure to different styles and techniques.

Hip Hop

Four-week series to learn a hip hop dance piece specifically choreographed for our anniversary party.