Bungee WorkoutTM is a high-cardio, core-strengthening and low-impact fitness program inspired by dance, aerial, and circus. Our quality bungee classes are stimulating workouts rooted in choreography, laughter and fun. Participants can expect to feel supported as they soar to new heights!

Bungee Workout

Our signature class is a cardio-intensive and core-focused workout which synchronizes bungee techniques with pumping music, coming together in a seamless and unique fitness experience.

Bungee Fit

Different from our staple Bungee Workout class, Bungee Fit focuses on essential bungee skills while maintaining a raised heart-rate for a maximum calorie-burn. Bungee Fit’s emphasis on high-reps and consistent movement makes for a great cardio-endurance builder for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Bungee Lite

Looking for a more moderately-paced cardio exercise? Want to hone in on your bungee skills? Bungee Lite is the class for you! Bungee Lite uses all of the fun elements seen in our signature Bungee Workout class, but slows down the pace to break down bungee techniques step by step. Bungee Lite is recommended for those returning to exercise, who may benefit from a more moderate cardio class or are between the age of 45 – 60.

Bungee Lite is only available through workshops and private classes.

Bungee Kids

Finally, children can learn to fly like their favorite superhero! Our Bungee Kids classes are packed with fun and excitement for those ages 5 to 12. We begin with a series of interactive games, then build on with bungee techniques to help children fly, spin, and bounce to their delight. The class is a great way to develop coordination, body control and stamina.

Bungee Kids is only available through workshops and private classes.


Visit our FAQ page for more information on our studio policy.



Bungee Workout is a rigorous, high-cardio exercise that uses the resistance of the bungee cord.

Participants must be in good health. Expected mothers or those who gave birth recently (natural birth in the last 6 months or cesarean section in the last 12 months) should not participate in the workout.

Please consult the Coreo team prior to signing-up if you have heart conditions, scoliosis, back injuries, knee injuries, or had recent surgeries.

For participants’ safety and comfort, we have a weight limit of 220 lbs. Our bungee harnesses will fit up to 45” waist and 26” thigh circumference.

Our age guidelines are as follows:

  • Bungee Workout and Bungee Fit: 16 – 50 years old
  • Bungee Lite: 16 – 60 years old
  • Participants under 18 years old are required to be accompanied by an adult
  • Exceptions can be made after consultation