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November 4, 2019

The reason I started dancing was really just a stroke of luck. A stroke of odd luck that I was abysmal at competitive sports when I was younger. While I played on a baseball team and a basketball team. I showed nearly zero promise in those fields and I constantly met the looming obstacle of “competition”. The idea of trying to compete with others wasn’t completely foreign  to me, but it wasn’t something I naturally fell into. I struggled trying to “beat” other people. Other kids had the competitive spirit whereas I just wanted to play the game and have fun. I could never give it my all if I felt that I was going against another person.


October 27, 2019

Thanks to all the positive feedback, we’re organizing another ✨ hip hop dance workshop ✨ on November 9 2:30 – 7pm – same format but a new set of choreographers!

Get excited to train with Branden “Tendo” ArtugueOzi Boms and Wendy Luu! Each workshop is 1 hour 20 min. long, giving you plenty of time to groove and learn their choreography.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided to keep your energy up all afternoon.

Sign-up early to take advantage of the advance booking price (limited available). Better yet, purchase the day pass to access all 3 workshops at a great price!


February 19, 2019

Did you have a strong fitness routine in the beginning of the new year? Are you losing momentum? It happens to the best of us. The beginning of the year is the easiest time to set goals as you’re feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to take action. Don’t let a small lapse in commitment and motivation get the best of you. With a few helpful tips you can stay committed to your workout, whether it’s on or off the bungee.


September 1, 2018

Let me guess: you watched a video on social media about the Bungee Workout.  People were flying through the air like Peter Pan-- it looks so exciting! You are eager to try the class and take pictures for the ‘gram. But you may be wondering, “Is Bungee a real workout?” The answer is YES! The Bungee Workout is indeed a workout, and it is more than a novelty experience. While our location attracts visitors from out of town, Coreo Fitness classes are designed to be incorporated into a routine fitness regime.