Tiffany Kung

Founder and Bungee Workout Instructor


Dance lessons were the first after-school activity Tiffany asked for from her parents, and since her first ballet class, dance has been an important part of her life. In 2017, as Tiffany was contemplating her next career move, she came across Bungee Workout. After taking a few classes, she was completely hooked! She was fascinated by this new form of exercise that embodies elements of dance and circus. She believes Bungee Workout is a great way to enjoy dance and get an amazing workout at the same time!

A few months later, Tiffany decided to leave her corporate job to launch Coreo. She’s thrilled about finally turning her passion into a career, and creating a space for dance and fitness lovers!

When teaching, Tiffany loves using fun and upbeat music for her classes, and she focuses on helping her class understand the bungee movement and techniques.

Tiffany also enjoys getting to know Coreo clients, and you’ll often find her greeting and assisting clients at the studio! Outside of Coreo, Tiffany enjoys hanging out with family and friends, exploring new restaurants and traveling.