Welcome to Coreo! We are a boutique fitness studio that specializes in Bungee Workout™ and dance fitness classes.

We are the only location in Seattle to offer the official Bungee Workout™ program.

Not familiar with Bungee Workout™? Take a look at the videos on our About page to learn more!

Our Classes.

Bungee Workout™ classes are inspired by aerial bungee movements (think Cirque du Soleil). We've modified aerial bungee movements to create a fun workout program that is approachable and accessible to all fitness levels. Come experience the thrill of flying like a super hero!

We offer two types of classes:

Bungee Workout

Upbeat, rhythmic workout that incorporates dance choreography to some of our favorite tunes for a fun and effective workout.

Bungee Fit

High-intensity interval workout that focuses on building muscle strength and endurance.

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